There are some movies which are required viewing if you want to participate in modern Western culture, and I believe that “Ghostbusters” is one of them. You can probably skip “Ghostbusters 2”, though. Word around the Hollywood water cooler is that there’s a script written for a third movie, and that Bill Murray’s in possession (ha!) of it, but has yet to read it. Apparently a studio greenlight is contingent on his involvement, so everyone’s waitin’ on BM to check it out so that the project can move forward. At one point, he joked that he’d gladly participate, so long as he played a ghost, which the writers happily incorporated (incorporealated?) into the draft. Dunno. Rumours are flying fast and loose, so don’t put too much stock in any of that. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new “Ghostbusters” movie, and I’m sure Aykroyd and Ramis would like to have their names attached to something decent for the first time in a decade or two.