Ah, guilty pleasure films. For a lady who’s trying to maintain a reputation as a respected genre authority, I’m sure they come to bite her on the butt, on occasion. Your opinion regarding the latest sci-fi offering only holds credence so long as folks don’t find out that you’re comparing it against “This Island Earth”.

For me, there are plenty of movies for which I have far more affection than they probably deserve. I know that “Monster Squad” was a repeated selection at my local video store, enough that it probably would have been smart to just go ahead and purchase a copy. I was heavily into PG-13 horror at the time, and ONE movie that featured ALL the major movie monsters was an easy sell. I’ve watched it since, and it doesn’t really stand the test of time. There’s one particular scene in which Dracula requires some reconnaissance to be performed, so he must select from his cadre of horrors an agent of stealth and subtlety. Naturally, he chooses Frankenstein’s monster. Bear in mind that Dracula himself is capable of turning into a small flying mammal when the need arises, and Frankenstein’s monster is trapped in a hulking 7 foot-and-change reanimated corpse body. It just goes to show what I’ve always said: “If a treehouse full of children is a threat to your criminal organization, you’re doing something wrong”.

The Snickers bar scene is still hilarious, however. Watch it! It’s on Blu-Ray and everything! Also, according to imdb, both Dustin Diamond and Liam Neeson were supposed to be in it. I hope that in the inevitable sequel, Screech and Schindler team up and fight vampires together. Oscar gold, I’m telling you.