So, George Lucas is releasing another Special Edition of the Star Wars trilogy, and he’s decided to add some dialogue to the defining moment of the most compelling character in the series. So, that’s some bull, right there.

“Star Wars” used to immediately evoke magical memories and stir feelings of wonder and escapism, but it’s become progressively cringe-worthy as the years have passed. With most film series, you could at least rely on the original classics staying reliable, even as sequels or remakes sully the brand name. You can pop in “Goldfinger” or “Raiders” without thinking about that bizarre Brosnan/Berry flick with the invisible car or “Crystal Skull”, with an army of monkeys chasing The Beef across the jungle.

But George won’t even give us the pleasure of watching his original trilogy without tweaking. If it were simply a matter of updating the picture or sound quality, I could leave it to the purists to decide, but he’s changing core aspects of characters we love, as evidenced by the infamous “Han Shot First” debacle. Now we’ve got Lord Vader repeating his most unintentionally narmtastic line from “Revenge of the Sith”, during one of the best scenes in the whole trilogy. Whatever, George. Whatever.