Was it worth it for the pun? I’d venture to say that it was (and will continue to be, in future strips).

“Kill Bill” was an excellent film. I say “film” in the singular, because I prefer to consider it as a single entity, as I was originally promised. I distinctly remember being told that “in 2003, Uma Thurman will Kill Bill”. As it happens, it didn’t turn out that way. I can only assume that this is because a studio exec realized that TWO movies make TWICE as much money as one movie. This same conclusion (and this conclusion alone, weaksauce “we couldn’t get it all into one movie” excuses be damned) has been responsible for chopping up the last “Harry Potter” movie and the forthcoming sparkly vampire flicks. I don’t have a dog in that last fight, but it’s still frustrating.

“Kill Bill”, right. It’s very engaging, and while most of the homages went over my head, I can add my voice to the multitude that loves Tarantino’s dialogue and knack for characterization and non-linear narratives. Thurman’s great in the role, but my favourite character is Budd. It’s impossible to go into too many details about Budd without spoiling the flick, but I love his easy-going attitude and sparse standard of living, making it easy to forget that he’s a former world-class assassin.

If you haven’t seen it, rent it. Either by visiting the last Blockbuster in the world (which I’m told only appears every 100 years, or if you’re in love with someone who works there), or by goin’ digital.