I don’t know if elderly quintuplets would be a major deciding factor when choosing a movie theatre, but if it was down to two locations, I could easily see it being a tiebreaker.

Last weekend, in addition to “Conan the Barbarian”, I also checked out the “Fright Night” remake. It’s directed by Craig Gillespie, who also did the magnificent “Lars and the Real Girl” and written by Whedon sattelite Marti Noxon. The set-up’s pretty basic. Charley (Chekhov from “Star Trek”) is a high school kid who’s just started hangin’ with the cool kids (including an out-of-his-league lady friend played by Imogen Poots), but his spurned nerd bestie, “Superbad”‘s McLovin, is trying to warn him that there’s a vampire on the prowl.

Colin Farrell plays Jerry the vampire, and his performance is enjoyable, whether appreciated on an ironic level or for its own merits. In order to conceal his bestial nature, Jerry adopts the persona of a grown-up frat boy, easily charming Las Vegas strippers and generally coming across as a cool “dude”. But when he’s anxious, he lets unusual habits seep through, such as stroking his chest and repeatedly scanning his surrounding for potential threats.

David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, is also featured prominently. I’m a huge fan, so consider anything I say about him to be pretty biased. He plays Peter Vincent, a Halloween-themed stage magician who collects monster-slayin’ artifacts. He’s also got a pretty sweet pad in Las Vegas. The character is a real treat, if a little one-dimensional. Tennant’s doing his “Doctor Who” voice, so the novelty of having my favourite Time Lord drop repeated f-bombs lost its charm after a while.

Speaking of voices, everybody in this movie seems to be putting on an accent. Irish Farrell, English Poots and Australian Toni Collette (oh yeah, she’s in it too) all do an American accent, while Scottish Tennant does his English accent. I assumed, after “Star Trek” and glancing at his imdb page, that Anton Yelchin had a Russian accent, but apparently he was raised in the States and just used his regular voice.

Oh, and not to spoil too much, but there’s a scene in the movie in which a character breezes in, and it was perfectly clear from the way it was shot that it was some kind of cameo. Even though I didn’t recognize him, I was able to determine who it was by process of elimination. Was that spoiler obfuscated enough, or am I a super-hypocrite?

Anyway, the movie kind of falls apart in the last 20 mins or so, but I think everything else is solidly entertaining.


P.S. “Imogen Poots”? Seriously?