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Yeah, these are the rough days. They don’t tend to release great flicks in September, so we’re stuck with so-so fare and the occasional re-release. TIFF is happening nearby, but I don’t think I’ll be attending this year.

I’m glad that “Guardians” is still holding strong. And the news that the Rock will be playing Black Adam in a “Shazam!” movie is very encouraging, though I think that flick will be hard to pull off tonally. I’m also worried that Marvel Studios will get nervous about audiences being confused by multiple characters called Captain Marvel, and will be hesitant to include their own Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) in an upcoming project. Just do what they’re doing in the comics. Call the Big Red Cheese “Shazam” and be done with it.

Google Led You Here: “” That would be a primo URL, wouldn’t it?