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I used to be quite the con attendee back in the day. I visited GenCon in Milwaukee for a few consecutive years starting in 2000. I had some good times and the dealer’s room was a lot of fun. I’ve also checked out the local all-purpose convention (yer comics, yer horror, yer sci-fi, etc) a couple of times. All in all, I enjoy seeing the costumes and seeing the fun booths, but I really can’t take more than a couple of hours of milling around. I like playing tabletop games and meeting new people, but panels don’t particularly interest me. That’s the kind of thing I’d rather have playing on YouTube in the background.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” reviews are starting to pour in and they’re very positive overall. I can’t wait.

It’s also starting to look like that “The Rock is Captain Marvel/Shazam” rumour is true, and we’ll be seeing a few announcement regarding the Marvel cinematic universe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll see the first female lead AND/OR directed AND/OR written feature out of those folks. She-Hulk would be good, or Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. Heck, the new version of Ms. Marvel would make a very fun flick. Black Widow is well-established, so she’d be a good pick, too.

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